Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love the 80's: Vote for Kendallina's Ringtone!

Alright so I have a confession. Those of you who know me well (or at least during the period of 2003-2007 in Baton Rouge, LA) know that I have an unhealthy obsession with 80s music. In fact my friend Anna and might have seen our favorite 80s cover band The Molly Ringwalds well over 20 times in the period of my 4 years in undergrad.

Yes, I was a groupie of a cover band.

Anna, me, and our equally 80's enthused friend Jacob jamming out to The Molly Ringwalds circa 2007... as you can tell... we are intense

This is how sick my obsession is. 80's for some reason just brings me to another plane of existence. Nothing puts me in a good mood faster than a little 80s. My obsession goes as far as I plan on having an 80s cover band at my wedding reception (heaven forbid I ever get married of course). DJ's suck. There will be no YMCA or Celebrate Good Times Come On!! Every time I hear YMCA at a social function and see all the fat 50 somethings throw their hands up in letter formation I want to stab myself in the face with a fork. 

Sweet Jesus kill me now

No, for me there will only be The Cars, Mr. Big, and Journey... And of course they will open with a traditional White Wedding by Billy Idol

Nothing says "Nuptual Bliss" like a studded leather codpiece right Billy?

But alas.... I digress...

As I sit here in the Philadelphia airport for me 3 1/2 hour (kill me) layover, I BBM (Blackberry Messenger for all you children with iPhones or people stuck in the stone age with flip phones) with my friend Meghan. My old ringtone "Take Me Home Tonight" just came on the radio and alas she thought of me. Recently I upgraded from my Blackberry Curve to the Bold and sadly Eddie Money did not make the data transfer. So I realized I probably need to get a new ringtone because heaven forbid I be one of those lame people with a stock ringtone. How gauche. 

Of course it was a no brainer that the tune would be a song released from 1980-89, but so many to choose from.... how would I ever decide? I'm firmly against the cliche 80's tunes that play intermittently between crotch grinding rap songs at frat bars. Example: Jenny (867-5309) - Tommy TutoneJessie's Girl - Rick Springfield, Don't Stop Believing - JourneyPour Some Sugar On Me - Def LepppardLivin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi, etc. Although I still will take any of these over hearing Taylor Swift's annoying Romeo and Juliet song again ... my ring tone is special. It must reflect my 80's dedication with a little creativity and panache.

Here is where you, dear readers, come in. I have narrowed it down to the top 5 contenders... but
 I'm going to let you VOTE for which one you think I should make my theme song for the next year or so. Those of you without serious 80's knowledge might not be immediately familiar with all the choices ... so feel free to peruse the YouTube links I provided to make an educated choice. 

These are the 4 I think are catchy, pretty recognizable in that "oh I love this song! what is it again?" way, and aren't over saturated in commercial culture to the point I can hear it every time my phone rings and I won't get so sick of it I throw my Blackberry across the room after a week. 




ALONE - Heart



If you feel really really adamantly about a song that you think is so "me" or that you reeeeallly love that isn't on this list, you can leave it as a comment to this post and I will take it under consideration. But please do a regular vote as well as I will probably vehemently disagree with your opinion for some asinine reason. 

So will you step up to the challenge and help decide my cellular fate? I know you want to. 



  1. I voted for Alone by Heart, however I feel like you may have overlooked London Calling by the Clash.

  2. You could always go cheesy 80s... like New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle", what a classic.

  3. As much as I LOVE "Alone" or anything by Heart ("Barracuda" has a pretty sweet driving tempo), I think you gotta go with the Scorpions. The chorus is just SO appropriate for a phone ring. I also recommend watching vh1's Top One-Hit-Wonders of the 80s to see if there's any brilliance you may have overlooked.

    p.s. my engaged best friend and i were discussing this music and she told me that a bunch of her friends were like "but, like, why would you want those songs at your wedding reception?" and she just looked at them dumbfounded and said "how could you NOT have those songs at your wedding reception?" I was so proud.


  4. Rock you like a hurricane? Really?

    No - definitely Heat of the Moment.
    Definitely. How could there be any question.

    I think Rock You Like a Hurricane is cliche.

  5. 80's music rocks my socks :)
    I love "Rock you like a hurricane." Great song!

  6. Oh my gosh. I had no idea you loved 80's music. You should have told me. That wonderful decade with all that freakin' fantastic album art...gah...brings back memories. I'm thrilled that you pick a ringtone from "my" decade. :) I voted for Asia, but I'd love to hear Adam Ant's "Puss'n Boots" for your ringtone, personally, especially the chorus/refrain. :)