Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!! Cakeballs are sooo the new Cupcake

Tis that time of year again .... the beer turns a lovely shade of green, people get a little frisky, and the lads and lassies all around get ready for their the celebration of their favorite saint ... St. Patrick's Day. Here in Big-D there is a huge St. Patrick's Day parade where a normal street shuts down and the open container law goes out the window for 24 hours. My friend Holly is having a big party ... and I, being the ever consummate Southern lady, wouldn't dream of going empty handed. So time to break out my festive treat:


Ooooh ahhhh. You like? You wanna know how to make them? OK!

Makes about 60 cakeballs

2 boxes your favorite cake mix (I used regular white cake in order to be tinted green and Funfetti) and the ingridents to make them on the box
2 tubs of frosting
Almond Bark coating and/or Confectionary wafers (wafers come on various colors at Craft/Hobby stores)

1. Bake cake according to package instructions. If you would like to tint green like I did, use OIL BASED color (can be bought at Hobby Lobby or other craft store in the Cake/Candy section). The oil based gives a nice even bright color and also if you want to dye the almond bark later you can. DO NOT use regular liquid food coloring for the chocolate - it won't set properly...only oil base! I chose a lovely shade of Kelly Green.

2. After cake is done, while WARM crumble cake into a bowl into a fine texture.

3. Mix in frosting to make a paste, using 1/2 to 3/4 of the can, to taste. Kind of mold together into a giant lump and then chill in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

If at all possible try to keep three year old nieces AWAY from the the frosting!! ;)

4. After 2 hours, take batches out and using a melon baller or your hands, form the mixture in 1 - 1 1/2 inch balls. Place the balls on wax paper/foil. Pop in the freezer for 1-6 hours.

5. Ok, here is where some quick work has to be done. The easiest way to melt the almond bark/confectionary chips if you are using mulitple colors is to buy microwavable and disposalable paper melting trays. You can also find these in the Candy Aisle at Hobby Lobby. Then microwave small batches for about 30 seconds. Stir. Then 15 more seconds. The chocolate should be evenly melted. Working in small batches, remove balls from the freezer and dip them into the warm, melted Almond Bark Coating using candy forks, toothpicks, or a spoon (But do yourself a favor ... disposable plastic spoon. Clean up with this stuff sucks.)

6. Place balls on wax paper. If you want to decorate with sprinkles do it quickly! As the coating dries fast and if you don't sprinkle when wet the sprinkles won't stick! You can also drizzle alternate colors over for more decoration. Be creative!

7. Once dipped, the balls will keep at room temperature for days. If you refrigerate them, the coating will sweat. Undipped balls can be kept frozen for weeks. But I doubt they will last that long!! ;) Place in cupcake foils and VOILA!! CAKEBALLS!! Warning: These babies are RICH. Not for those without a sweet tooth!!!

Cute right? Bet you wish you were spending St. Patrick's Day with Me, these Cakeballs, my friend's awesome party with a keg of green beer, and a wild outdoor Dallas Parade with gorgeous weather: sunny mid-70s degree. Life is lookin preeeeeetty good tomorrow. ;)


  1. Looks awesome!! Definitely jealous :) Have fun!

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