Monday, March 22, 2010

Kendallina's NYC Packing Preview

My dear friend Anna Dearmon @ Do Yall Have Sweet Tea really likes when people (well.. stylish people) post their outfits for others to gain inspiration from. My last trip to Europe she seemed pretty upset that I didn't post my layered European winter travel masterpieces. To make it up to her I snapped pics of the outfits I picked out and packed for my current 5-day sojourn to New York City

Packing proved a bit tricky because the weather is going to be kind of spastic this week ranging from high 60s to high 30s. So a little creativity was in order. Keep in mind I tried to re-use pieces as often as I could to avoid packing bulk. Enjoy!

Oh before we fashionista it out. Here is a little Jetsetter Packing Tip. When you have lots of clothes you wanna keep non-wrinkled ... what do you do? You get THIS:


It comes with a nifty folding instruction board that helps reduce wrinkles:

Voila! Holds 12-15 pieces with very limited wrinkles! Also very easy to pack in your bag and takes up less room than if you packed normally. A fashionable frequent travelers dream! If you want one I included a link at the bottom of this post.

Alright on to zie outfits.... 

 *Gucci Sunglasses featured in all photos

Sanctuary Estelle Shirred Silk Tee               Jones New York Dress
 MM Couture Long Knit Cardigan                 J Crew White Cardigan
  J Brand 11 inch Denim Legging         Anne Klein Ruched Patent Heels
  Steven by Steven Madden Flats              Anthropologie Pearl Earrings
    J Crew Earrings and Necklace
                  Gucci Purse 
      J Crew black blazer                  Forever 21 chambray denim dress 
     J Crew silk crepe tank                          Gap black cardigan 
  J Crew earrings and necklace                   Spanx black legging
J Brand 11 inch Denim Legging           Steven by Steven Madden Flats  
            Brown boots                           Anthropolgie pearl earrings
            Chanel purse                           J Crew pink pearl necklace
       Zara (Paris) Dress                        80's Vintage off white sweater
    Forever 21 red cardigan             Francesca's Jewlery pearl necklace
 J Crew purple pearl necklace                     Forever 21 earrings
 Anthropologie pearl earrings             J Brand 11 inch Denim Legging
J Brand 11 inch Denim Legging                          Brown Boots
            Brown boots                        

                           Anne Klein black sheath dress
                           Forever 21 ruffled black shrug
                             Forever 21 thick black belt
                                 Forever 21 earrings
                          Anne Klein ruched patent heels

All right... off to take the Big Apple by storm!

-- Kendallina 

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  1. I love those eagle creek folders. You likely have your whole trip planned out, but if you want some ideas about the city (where to eat, what to see etc) check out my blog. I hope you have a great time!