Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Euro Fashion Report auf Deutsch: Hamburg Edition

So what does a little American girl all by her lonesome do in Hamburg, Germany when she knows no one and has nothing to do all day? Shop of course. Well at least window shop.

As a semi-frequent European traveller I have noticed that Euros are generally anywhere between 3 months to a year ahead of fashion trends... yet they inevitably reach America ....eventually. So I'm going to let y'all in on what's coming for Spring/Summer/Next Fall.

Biggest Trend: SEQUINS! - They are eeeeeverywhere. On everything and anything. Not even just for evening. Break out your disco meets Dynasty fantasies cause Sequins are back in a BIG way.

Girly details - namely lots of lace and ruffles.
Blush tones - Peach, light pink, nudes/naturals
Boyfriend Jackets/Cardigans

To give you a little real life tour - I took the liberty of snapping outfits in the H&M dressing room. Oh yes. I was that girl. No, I did not buy all these things... Kendallina's on a strict budget. But rest assured every piece pictured is between 13 - 30 Euros (hard to believe I know) and can be bought at H&M Europe......... now you will also probably wonder "WHY THE HELL IS H&M SO MUCH CUTER AND CHEAPER IN EUROPE THAN IN AMERICA?". I have no idea. Probably part of the European conspiracy to keep Americans looking way less chic than the Euros and laughing cause we pay more for it.





Ja! Schon! Du BIST rock... und sooooo kewl auf französisch


  1. you lucky little duck. i wish i was in hamburg wish you!!!! good luck on all your audition, pretty lady. x

  2. My fav is the white tee/dress/tunic with the gold horizontal sequin stripes.

  3. Oh my goodness I'm LOVING sequins!!! It's not what I'd usually go for but for some reason... it's just what I unconsciously gravitate towards when I shop these days.