Sunday, February 7, 2010

Headband Headache? I have the solution!

So I've currently moved abodes and as most of you who have moved before know... this is a painful process. Especially when you are moving into a smaller space. All of the sudden you realize.... crap.... where do I PUT everything?

Today's organizational challenge: HEADBANDS

Clearly this box will not do. The headband queen and a personal idol of mine, Miss Blair Waldorf, would cringe if she saw the state of my haircessories.

Kendallina.... the headbands!! For shame. Who are you?! VANESSA?

So I ask myself? What would Blair do? The answer: She clearly has a cute and chic headband organizer.

So I google.... with no avail. This leaves me one option... I must get crafty. Granted Blair would not actually make hers... she would get Doroda to do it. But unfortunately I don't live on the Upper East Side with millions of dollars at my disposal, so I head myself to Hobby Lobby.

Here is what you need to make your own super-cute HEADBAND RACK (Enough for 2):

2 1/2 yards thick ribbon
4 yards thinner ribbon in a contrasting color (helps if there is wire lining in the ribbon)
Small garland of faux flowers attached on a wire
2 bags small fabric "accents" such as flowers (can be found in wedding invitation aisle)
Glue Gun

1. First lay out about a yard of the thick ribbon. Take the glue gun and dot glue at the top of ribbon and attach the smaller ribbon at top. Then release about an inch of the smaller ribbon to make a gap (where you will loop the headbands in) and then dab another dot of glue. Make 12 loops.

2. Take the flower garland and wrap wire stem up and around to make a loop. This will the be 'hanger'.

3. Fold over the top of the ribbon to make a nice folded edge and secure with glue. Then glue on the flower garland to the top of the ribbon.

4. Take fabric accents and glue into the "loop grooves" of the ribbon. As seen in photo here:

5. Finally at the very bottom of ribbon, fold edge over and glue for a finished edge.

And VOILA!!! Finished!

So cute you can should even make 2!

Yeah move over Martha.... Kendallina just got crafty on yo ass.
(It's ok, Martha actually likes being talked to like that... she's been to prison)

Oh yeah and Congrats to the SAINTS for being the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! WHO DAT? GEAUX SAINTS!!!!


  1. Wow. Did you come up with this on your own!? Great idea.

  2. I did! Thanks! My pretty bands needed a home so I had to get creative. :)

  3. Yo. cool blog. I also love blogging about randomness. It will be fun to keep in contact this way.

    are you going to Aspen this Summer?

  4. Wow, I LOVE this! I'm definitely going to try and make my own once I get home. I'll be sure to post photos once it's done :)