Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recessionista Shoe Picks for February

So those of you who know me might have noticed I have a penchant for pretty shoes. Slip on a truly gorgeous shoe is almost like wearing art. Shoes don't care if you gained 7.63 lbs over the holidays.... they still fit like a glove.... well not really a glove... but a shoe... wow that might be the worst use of that idiom ever.

But I digress. You get what I'm saying. Shoes can transform an outfit from blah to breathtaking in 2 seconds flat. In fact my fondness for footwear has been known to trump functionality and reason on several occasions. I have often been spotted teetering around in stilettos on the cobblestone streets of Europe... one time I even thought it was a good idea to climb a mountain in platform wedged thongs. Yeah....I can't say I always used my better judgement when picking out what to wear on my feet in such situations... but you can't tell me I didn't look good doing it. ;)

Ok, I know I know, we all love shoes.... but times are tough right now, budgets are tight. But just because you gotta tighten your belt doesn't mean your feet have to suffer.

Dan dan na naaaaah..... Kendallina to the rescue!!

I have scoured the sales and channeled my inner Recessionista for your benefit. All the shoes gathered here I handpicked for y'all and are budget friendly. The cheapest pair at only $30!! That's kind of insane. Most stick to the double digit numbers and none over $150.

Now it was very,very,very hard to leave off these babies' more expensive yet extrodinarily beautiful brothers and sisters... but we will leave them alone right now and save them for another blog. So if you see something you like... you don't have to feel guilty... just close your eyes and click... consider it Retail Therapy. ;)

I present to you... Kendallina's Recessionista Shoe Picks for February. Enjoy.

(P.S. If you didn't notice..... click on the little arrow on top and you can scroll to see more styles.... and if you click on the shoe it takes you to the website where you can buy it... Blog technology is ubercomplex I know .... kthnxbye)

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