Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jackie & Marilyn's Valentine Lingerie Picks

February is here and Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. That means men are scrambling to figure out what to buy their girlfriends/wives .... whereas the girls are probably just trying to figure out what to wear. Sure, she's probably thinking about dinner outfits.... but if she's smart she will be thinking about what to wear under her clothes for after dinner ;)

Girls, if there is one day of the year you should think about putting away the standby comfy cotton undies... it's this one. Have a little fun! Your man will surely thank you.

In general, most women can be separated into two types... well at least in the often simplistic heads of men. (And lets be honest... who is lingerie really for hm?) These two primary female archetypes were never more stylishly illustrated than with the two main squeezes in the life of our 35th president of the United States of America, JFK. I am of course talking of his classy wife Jackie O and his sexy mistress Marilyn Monroe.

Time passes and this female dichotomy repeats itself over and over.... Jennifer or Angelina, Betty or Veronica, Blair or Serena? Each man has his preference and each woman usually identifies with either one or the other.

So keeping in tandem with these equally captivating yet contrasting personalities, I asked each of these ladies to pick out their choices for their nocturnal Valentine's day attire.

But Kendallina they are DEAD. How did they pick them out? I mean even if they were hypothetically alive they are probably flat out confused at the IDEA of the internet. GOSH.

Bitches, why are you getting obsessed with the details?! I busted out the Ouija Board Paranormal Activity style and asked them k? Deal with it.

Anyways, here are the ladies' picks at three various price points:
  1. I have a sugardaddy
  2. I have a job
  3. I wish I had a job and/or sugardaddy
"Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes" - Jackie O

"Nights are not just for sleep..." - Marilyn Monroe

If you need help figuring out if you are a Jackie or a Marilyn (Even an Audrey or an Ingrid) you can take this
If you are interested in the Jackie/Marilyn relationship you can pick up this delightful (yet fictional) READ.
If you think your man has pulled a Tiger Woods and has an actual clinical Madonna/Whore complex and you want to read more about it .... Sucks for you.... but you can read bout it in this Google BOOK or HERE or HERE .


  1. Kendy - I can't cook but I want to make something for V-day that will impress! What should I do?

    PS It has to be vegan, gluten-free, and all of the food must be white.

    Just kidding. but seriously - What should I cook?

  2. Are you thinking gourmet meal or like a sweet treat? I have a sweet treat coming up next week. But I can do an easy meal too if thats more what you are looking for.