Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duck... Duck... BOOTS!!

January.... kind of a downer of a month. Christmas is over, New Year's is over, back to work. It's cold, it's grey, and there is just nothing to start off the work/school day like a solid trudging through 10 inches of snow and brown slush! Now for the fashionable ladies out there, this time of year proposes a bit of a problem. Clearly your cute stilettos and flats are not warm enough, and you don't wanna ruin your expensive suede boots with brown sludge. How do you keep your tootises warm without looking like an Eskimo gone retarded.....
Mariah ... you sooo are not on fi-yah

Granted there is the obvious go-to Ugg Boot .... and don't get me wrong, they are comfortable as hell .... but they are pretty UGG-LY. (ha... yeah... bad joke ... sue me).

So the question remains.... what to wear to keep warm, yet look a little more 'put together'. Here are some more streamlined yet functional options:
(Click any of the pics/links for sizes and prices)

For those of you a little further south, snow isn't normally the winter issue. It's cold, yucky, rain. A good pair of rain slickers is key. And you Yankees can get a leg up on your "April Showers" spring slickers wear with these cuties!
Could these BE any cuter? Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with these Kate Spades.
Here in Brown (for $10 cheaper too!)

And for heaven's sake ladies... don't commit the carnal winter sin. Don't be an
I don't care what the weather is like most of the year. Right now it's cold outside. Cover up. And I'm not just talking about your feet. Or worse, wearing your cute winter boots with hooker clothes.

If you really insist on looking like a cheap prostitute in the dead of winter, try crotchless leggings or something. Your nude limbs make me cold just looking at you.

And remember ... no matter how angsty this weather is making you ... you probably are still better off than this wonderfully special lady in Atlanta, Georgia


  1. Cute boots <3
    Hahaha I really enjoyed that last bit and I totally agree with you! My thoughts into words = "If you really insist on looking like a cheap prostitute in the dead of winter, try something like crotchless leggings or something. Your nude limbs make me cold just looking at you."

  2. Thanks for your comment on 20sb...I say no to UGGS. Definitely following you!

  3. "Eskimo Ho" looks like this girl I used to be friends with hahaha!

  4. hahahahaha.. that video is hilarious....

  5. Oh man...yeah, I get cold just watching them too LOL

  6. I love the Sperry boots!! I have some Lady N Hunters like those but the Sperry's are a little shorter which I like - might have to have both! Love your blog.

  7. I enjoyed this! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog on 20SB, we have a lot in common in terms of what we write about. Those Kate Spades are adorable and look chanel inspired! love<3 Check out my post "Hooker 101" You'll probably like it!

  8. Since I live in Miami, and the coldest it might get is in the 40's girls like to do the "Eskimo-Ho" look. I thought I was the only one perplexed by this phenomenal but I'm glad we see eye to eye....Nice blog btw

  9. Those Kate Spade boots are fabulous! Lucky for me I live in the south, so I've never really seen too much snow in my lifetime, but it has been raining in Baton Rouge lately, so those will do quite nicely. I too am perplexed by this "Eskimo-Ho" bit, but that's mostly because I haven't seen it too much growing up in Georgia.

  10. I live in Canada and its the first I've ever heard about Eskimo hos lol! I know Uggs (or Emus) are ugly, but at minus 30, I don't really care what I look like. January is the worst month for brown slush... :(

  11. Great boots! I of course have several pairs of Uggs (because I live in Canada) but I also just bought some Wellies for the spring.

    The Eskimo Ho's made me's not really an option here (though we do have Eskimo's or Inuit people as they're called these days) because it's so freaking cold. Sexy and cold just don't mix here.

  12. Haha I love Mariah Carey! Those boots are so cute to me. I would definitely wear them if I was a chick.

    The Eskimo Ho's with HO-ighlarious! LOL Bad joke.

  13. The Kate Spades are adorable! I have a pair of burberry rain boots that I love, but always feel like I'm screaming "burberry" when I wear them :(

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