Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kendallina's Father's Day Gift Guide

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.  -- Bill Cosby
Cut your kids some slack Bill. What do you get a Dad who has everything? ... and by everything I mean a lifetime supply of Jell-O pudding pops

So Father's Day is around the corner (June 20th) .... and most of us know that men are notoriously hard to buy for. For those of you without a clue what do get Dad this year ... here are a few ideas, with plenty of time for them to get to you before the holiday! Just click on the image (even in the collage's) to view the retailer/price. 

Or if you have a stellar gift idea, leave a comment and let us all know! :P

Cater to those frosty libations that strike his fancy... 
 Fresh Beer from the Tap                         Wine Chilled 
                                                     to the Perfect Temperature 

Or channel his inner Anchorman with a fancy Scotch/Brandy Decanter 

Make him KING OF THE TAILGATE with the ultimate VULCAN BBQ/COOLER-All-In-One: Insulated Waterpoof Cooler Section, 3 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ tool set, and a portable Propane BBQ grill with lid..... This is so cool I EVEN want one 

Speaking of the Manly Domain of Grilling ... what about some fancy tools to decorate his Summer Kingdom:
A BBQ pit top and Rotisserie Kit, A Non-Stick Rib Rack for the perfect Finger-lickin Ribs, A Corn Griller Basket for those many summer time ears he'll be cookin up, And the ultimate in Grilling luxury: A Stainless Steel BBQ set

Or if he might need a manual to get the Kingdom up and running.....
Everything from Grillmaster Bobby Flay, to Famous No-Nonsense/A$$hole of Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay, to Morton's Steakhouse Bible for perfect Steaks, to Just when you think you have heard of everything ..... Italian Guru Mario Batalli's GUIDE TO TAILGATING NASCAR STYLE ... Really? But hey ... I'd still eat it. 

Then there's always the classic "Tie he wouldn't buy for himself" :)

And if worse comes to worse .... Remember everyone loves a Jell-O Pudding Pop
Mmm Chocolatey Pudding Goodness .... Cosby was on to something I'm tellin ya.. 


  1. Doing something for them that they've been wanting to get done but haven't had the time is another excellent way to give them a great father's day gift.

    This year, my sister and I cleaned up the backyard, and got his patio ready for the summer, then set up the Gazebo and all our summer stuff. He was quite pleased, and it definitely saved us money.

  2. Great suggestions...but after several years of marriage I'm just about tapped for ideas to buy my dear hubs for Dad's day. (he isn't even my dad, right!??!) MY dad just gets a card. That is all.
    This year I think I might buy husband a Garmin GPS or some junk like that. What do you buy the man that has EVERYTHING...including ties, mini bars, scotch decanters...etc.

  3. Ahh it's so hard to buy for guys! I get my dad the same thing for Christmas every year - Old Spice gift set and nuts lol

  4. My father collects coins... thank goodness! I'm off to the coin store (yes, an entire store devoted to coins!) this weekend to purchase...something!

  5. haha, oh how I love Bill Cosby! I think I'm buying my father in law a wine fridge this year and at first I though "hm...is that weird?" So glad I read your post because I know I'm on the right track!!!


  6. Thanks for the ideas! I am usually one of those "wait to the last minute types" lol. I think you just made shopping for my Dad a lot easier!


  7. Hey thanks for the welcome on 20something.. I'm a follower of your blog! cute blog btw.. Check out mine and return the favour!

  8. Whiskey always works for my dad. the proof is in the pudding! LMAO

  9. Love this blog!! :)-- fresh beer from the tap always works for my dad. haha
    P.S. I gave you an award!!!

  10. I gave you an award, too! You're awfully popular! ;) Check it out:


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