Saturday, January 30, 2010

What exactly is going on here...

So for those of you who don't know I'm "Kendallina". I'm going to avoid putting up my full name for the sake of not being Google stalked. I am a fledgling opera singer who just finished up her Master's degree at Indiana University in Voice. I've always been told I am a bit of a 'character' and slightly 'larger than life'. Perhaps this is why I belong on the stage.

But alas, several of my friends have told me that I should start blogging.... For a while I avoided it, because what the hell do I blog about? I'm not indulgent or emotionally open enough to write about my feelings or whatever... And I have the most eclectic taste in just about everything... aren't blogs supposed to have a "focus"? What on earth would I focus on?

Well since I am currently unemployed, out of school, and scatterbrained in general....... my life seems to lack "focus". So this blog is just going to be "Whatever Kendallina thinks is cool and wants to write about so you should think it's cool too... and if you don't... well screw you and stop reading."

Some rough ideas of what to expect though are things related to:

Music (everything from Lady Gaga to Puccini to Pete Doherty)
Cooking and Recipes
My random and sometimes snarky opinions on current events/pop culture/things I find entertaining
And the General Hilarity that often surrounds my daily life

Essentially ... all things that encompass the inner world of Kendallina's Dolce Vita.

So there ya go, it will be our little adventure together to see what transpires here hm?

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